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CREA-KO LLC is progressive and innovative software company in the Western Balkans, focused comprehensively on business process management, and specialized in producing software solutions to support enterprise level Government, Public International Organization, and Large Business Corporation clienteles. Through the synergy of extensive experience and knowledge of highly qualified leading experts from various fields, CREA-KO enables organizations to achieve greater efficiency of their business processes and easy transition to secure e-business.
We are the premier enterprise software application developing company in Kosovo.
CREA-KO is poised to take on the role and responsibilities of becoming the leader of the enterprise level application development sector in Western Balkans.
We are a proud “Gold” partner of Microsoft Solution provider in Application Development since 2010. CREA-KO’s flagship software solutions (http://i4u.f7b.myftpupload.com/services/it-solutions/) are specifically developed to support their effort in assisting the Government in forming a more democratic, transparent, and effective governing body through better electronic information, communication, and data management. Our solutions are designed to manage the administrative operations of an enterprise to efficiently manage all resources of the organization.
Our solutions provide tools to cover all end-to-end processes and other related back office activities with sharing of necessary information inside the organization and externally with other stakeholders as needed. We are proud to have the opportunity to be a part of the positive improvement team introducing improved processes to the Kosovo government especially Law enforcement organizations.
CREA-KO is a steadily growing and internationally recognized company continuously seeking Foreign Governments, Public International Organizations, and Business Corporations
CREA-KO is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified, also GDPR compliant.


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